06 Januari 2012

The Best Of Ke$ha's Unreleased Track

Seperti yg korang tawu , aku ni minat giler dgn Ke$ha . Idk why , tapi shes so COOL ! Tapi sekarang ni kan , dya da macam senyap sikit dah sebab tgah kumpul material utk album baru . Album baru dya akan out paling lewat Mei 2011 ! So sexcited !

So sementara na tggu album baru dya kuar , apa kata korang dengar dulu lagu2 Ke$ha yg ta di-release or terkandung dlm album dya . Kalau na diikutkan mmg banyak gila lagu Ke$ha yg ta di-release . Boleh dikatakan sehari K$ cipta dalam dua buah lagu kot . Haha ! Tapi kat sini aku senaraikan 10 yang paling cool n catchy <3 ! Here we go ! ( Klik pada tajuk lagu utk download )

Love this unicorn-licking scene from Blow !

Best line : 
I cant speak
I'm terrified cause if I say the wrong thing
You might see how hard I'm trying

Best Line : 
I am in love with an alien
You are in love with an alien
I am an alien
You are an alien
We all are aliens .

8 - Paris Hilton's Closet
Best line :
When i woke up, the first thing that I thought of was
Oh my, Kesha
Those hot Jimmy Choos!
Hey Paris, did I lose it on that pair too?

7 - A Bad Girl's Lament
Best line :
I did it, but i'm sorry.
Well, i'm really not that sorry.

6 - Booty Call
Best line :
Don't try to be a detective
To see you and me
Got something Eeew

5 - A La Discotheque
Best line :
We're about to go to outer space
So come with me to my special place

4 - 31 Seconds Alone
Best line :
Baby I'm tired of running wild
With all this time out on my own

3 - Save Me
Best line :
Can anybody see?
That i cant say no anymore someone come save me

2 - Shots On The Hood Of My Car
Best line :
And we go down, down, down like shooting stars
In the night time, time, time while the worlds still ours
We won't cry, cry, cry while the ending starts
Were goin' down, down, down, doin' shots on the hood of my car

1 - Mouth
Best line :
It's been a long time coming
We still haven't yet
Be my prince, and I'll be your Corvette

~ ENJOY ! ~

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