11 Mei 2012

Good Friend VS Best Friend

 P.S : This article is not mine . But its awesome ! :D

Good Friend-Hands you your shoe if it falls off.
Best Friend-Grabs your shoe and runs around the room with it,screaming "Ha, ha, loser!"

Good Friend-Helps you up if you fall down.
Best Friend-Will stand beside you laughing, because they pushed you over in the first place.

Good Friend-Will rush over right away to comfort you if your house burns down.
Best Friend-Will be roasting marshmallows over the coals and flirting with the firemen.

Good Friend-Will pay your bail if you're arrested for DUI.
Best Friend-Is sitting in the cell beside you, saying "Great party, huh?"

Good Friend-Will call your parents by their first names.
Best Friend-Will call your parents 'Mom' and 'Dad'.

Good Friend-Knocks on your door and wits for you to answer.
Best Friend-Walks right in and says "Mom, I'm home!"

Good Friend-Acts like a guest at your house.
Best Friend-Raids your refridgerator and makes themselves at home.

Good Friend-Will watch what's already on the TV.
Best Friend-Will wrestle your little brother for the remote.

Good Friend-Waits for you after school if you get detention.
Best Friend-Will get themselves in trouble just to land themselves in detention to keep you company.

Good Friend-Will help you with your chores.
Best Friend-Will stand behind you and say "You missed a spot."

Good Friend-Will lend you money and not expect you to pay them back.
Best Friend-Will lend you money and then charge interest.

Good Friend-Will comfort you if your boyfriend breaks up with you.
Best Friend-Will say "Be right back", go out with a baseball bat, come back at 3:00 in the morning and say "It's all been taken care of."

Good Friend-Will have little "inside jokes" with you.
Best Friend- Will randomly break out laughing because of some "inside joke" you guys had last week.

Good Friend-Will come and get you if you call to say you're lost.
Best Friend-Will call you an idiot for not asking directions.

Good Friend-Will try to talk you out of bungee-jumoing off the Empire State Building.
Best Friend-Will tie the bungee cord themselves and then push you off.

Good Friend-Disagrees if you say words can't hurt you.
Best Friend- Hits you over the head with the dictionary to prove you wrong.

Good Friend-Would give you the last life jacket on a sinking ship.
Best Friend-Would say "I hope you can swim, and if not, I'll really f***ing miss you."

Good Friend-Will ask if you're okay, and when you say "I'm fine" they'll drop it.
Best Friend-Will ask if you're okay, and when you say "i'm fine", they'll look you in the eye and say "Okay, now tell the truth." 

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  1. nice naufal . memang betul . banyak perbezaan :_) :)

    1. indeed . susah na dpt BEST FRIEND , kan ?